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Our Code of Ethics is the manifestation of KUAZAR's commitment to maintaining high ethical standards in the performance of those who make up the company.

The Code recognizes and harmonizes the moral principles, the Laws of our country and is disseminated with the conviction that all of us who collaborate here have acquired a conviction that allows us to commit ourselves to exemplary ethics.


Provide our clients with professional solutions and technology supply, adding value at all times. Likewise, we have a strong conviction to develop an important relationship, of respect and mutual benefit with our clients, collaborators and suppliers.


Achieve sustained growth, which provides the opportunity to be a source of employment that can integrate personnel of excellence, in such a way that we can transfer that excellence to our clients and suppliers; seeking that the conjunction of all this gives us the opportunity to develop social support programs.


Our Values ​​are the basis of our Mission.

  • Commitment

  • Honesty

  • Efficiency

  • Puntuality

  • Excellence


We have a great sense of commitment in each of our activities, seeking that the result of these be efficient towards any entity that is related to the company.


We greatly promote trust with everyone who interacts with the company and we build this based on honesty in everything we do.


Efficiency is essential in our day to day, thus managing to take care of the company's resources, always without sacrificing the commitments we have with clients, suppliers and collaborators.


Punctuality is basic, we consider respect for the committed times a vital quality, which shows the commitment we have to maintain our deliverables in the established times.


Our search for excellence is generated automatically by the culture of continuous improvement in everything we do, thus benefiting our own results and self-improvement in each one of us.

Code of ethics

This Code basically offers the guidelines to guide KUAZAR staff to make ethical decisions. Our actions and decisions must reflect the Mission and Values ​​of our Company.

Compliance with the law

Without a doubt, we must comply with the laws, rules and regulations in force that are applicable in our business.

Use and handling of information

The unauthorized disclosure of KUAZAR's internal information is prohibited except if required by an authority, and it will only be disclosed with the authorization of the General Directorate.

Privacy of the information of those who act within the company.

KUAZAR keeps only those data of those who are part of the work team (employees and collaborators) and that are essential for legal or contractual reasons. Likewise, access to said information is limited only to authorized persons within the company.


Privacy of customer and supplier information

Any document related to our clients and / or suppliers can only be used by persons authorized by the General Directorate, including the same name of the companies related to KUAZAR is confidential (internal).

Conflict of interests

Ethically: We must refrain from accepting gifts or gratuities that may create commitment or that seek to develop conduct that favors a third party who participates in any way with the company.

Our external relations must be carried out in accordance with our policies and procedures, eliminating any situation that could be interpreted as a conflict of interest.

The direct or indirect participation of the spouse, relatives by consanguinity or by affinity of those who collaborate with the company is not allowed, unless expressly authorized by the General Directorate.

Business opportunities

No member of KUAZAR may take advantage of for the benefit of any other person or organization, the acts or activities that have been developed, are being developed or will be developed in the future, due to the daily operation related or not to their functions.

Likewise, those who collaborate in KUAZAR must refrain from obtaining or disclosing reserved or confidential information, to obtain their own personal benefits or for third parties.

Information, Systems and Procedures that are considered property of the company

All the information and documents contained in KUAZAR's data or storage systems, processes and procedures are the exclusive property of the same company, which is why it is considered confidential and secret information.


Responsibility in the management of goods and relative records

KUAZAR personnel who are responsible for working with financial information, must work with complete fidelity and precision. You must avoid any action, which results in the misinterpretation of such information.

Company assets

Anyone who has access to the use or authorization to dispose of KUAZAR assets, as well as its records, equipment, materials is personally responsible for their custody.

Rules on political activities

KUAZAR assets may not be used personally or collectively for purposes other than those authorized by the General Directorate.

Proselytizing in the workplace or using the KUAZAR media is expressly prohibited under any schedule and / or circumstance.

Computer systems

The computing and storage systems are essential for the daily operation of KUAZAR. It is essential that both the equipment and the data processing and storage systems be used exclusively for internally defined purposes.

Both the information and storage systems, telephony and email, are considered goods at the service of KUAZAR and may only be used for the commercial and / or operational purposes of the company.

Collaborators may not install programs not authorized by KUAZAR on their computers.

It is not allowed to modify the contracted software, except for the adaptation for the best performance of KUAZAR, provided that this is authorized.

The internal development of systems or adaptation of computer programs, by employees and / or collaborators, are the property of KUAZAR and must be authorized.


Conduct that may constitute a property crime

Any action that constitutes or has the possibility of constituting a patrimonial crime against KUAZAR, must be reported for identification and investigation.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages, drugs and narcotics

KUAZAR prohibits its employees and collaborators from consuming, possessing, transporting, distributing drugs or any other controlled substance, as well as alcoholic beverages, while activities are carried out during work hours and they are within the facilities or vehicles of KUAZAR.


KUAZAR is committed to protecting the environment. All employees and collaborators must comply with the legal provisions for this purpose.

Threats and violence in the workplace

Verbal or physical violence in the workplace must be reported, to be dealt with immediately. Likewise, KUAZAR prohibits the possession of weapons in the workplace or KUAZAR vehicles.

Charge or sexual harassment

Under no circumstances may employees and collaborators be required to carry out third-party actions for which they have been hired; Therefore, it is forbidden to exert pressure to force an employee or collaborator to carry out an act that does not correspond to their functions. Harassment within the company for the generation of a personal relationship is prohibited.

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